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St Swithuns Restoration Project

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Terry Sawyers, the working foreman from Bakers of Danbury, the contractors
Detailed inspection of the outside of the tower shows that many different materials have been used to point between the flints externally. Cement pointing is “bad” as it stops the water inside the tower from escaping, and it damages the softer lime mix used internally. Unfortunately cement has been found all over the tower
Where cement pointing has been removed, there is evidence underneath of the internal damp – shown as the darker colour in these photos
Water penetration has contributed to some flints cracking, these will need replacing
More extensive repair work is required in several places. New louvres are needed in the windows; louvres help to keep the wind and rain out where there is no glass
The horizontal 'string courses' round the tower are designed to help shed water from the tower, but because extra pointing has been added over time they don’t work as intended anymore, this needs to be remedied, otherwise water will continue to run down the face of the tower.
Removing hard internal render within the two lower chambers of the tower. Underneath the render the tower was visibly damp with water seeping out. Removing this hard outer “skin” is allowing the tower to dry out. Ventilation will be improved in this part to the tower to assist drying